Against the Grain Aloha Tuna with Seaweed and Crab Canned Cat Food

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Wild ocean-caught crabmeat and tuna fish are hand packed with seaweed, and simmered in scrumptious gravy for a fresh and palatable dinner.

-Cooked in its own juices to produce a grain free, gravy free, zero carb meal!
-Grain and Gravy free!
-Loaded/Rich in Omegas, essential amino acids and fatty acids
-Full of important vitamins and minerals- selenium, magnesium, and potassium; the B vitamins niacin, B1 and B6; and perhaps most important, the beneficial omega-3 essential fatty acids
-Allergen Free/Hypo-Allergenic
-Protein loaded and fat rich food with low carbs!
-An ideal prevention and treatment wellness nutrition program commonly recommended for use in UTI, CRF, IBS, diabetes and other serious health conditions by vets across the country
-All fresh caught and dolphin safe!
-Why not dive in with your pet?!

-High in Protein and no carbs!
-Omega-3 fatty acids
-Low in mercury- one of the safest forms of seafood in terms of mercury levels
-Rich in vitamins and minerals-vitamin B-12(critical for healthy nerve function) and minerals zinc and copper.