Against the Grain Big Kahuna with Crab and Tilapia Canned Cat Food

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Wild ocean-caught crab meat, tilapia, and tuna fish are hand packed, and simmered in scrumptious gravy for a fresh and palatable dinner.

-High in Protein and no carbs!
-Omega-3 fatty acids
-Low in mercury- one of the safest forms of seafood in terms of mercury -levels
-Rich in vitamins and minerals-vitamin B-12(critical for healthy nerve function) and minerals zinc and copper.

-Known as “Wonder Fish” by Pharoahs because traditions holds that Jesus chose to multiply Tilapia to feed everyone
-Mild flavor and moderately firm texture
-Extra lean, versatile white meat fish
-Low-cal, low-fat protein
-Complete protein
-Heart-healthy fats
-Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6