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Raw Pet Food

The Way God Intended

Why Raw?

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Have you come to realize a natural raw pet food diet is one of the most important factors in your pet's lives? Carnivores need a meat-based diet. More importantly, the protein is the most important nutrient in their diet. For instance, dogs evolved from the wolf, but, their digestive system has remained the same. More and more knowledgeable caregivers are aware of the natural animal nutrition needs of their pets. Real food like raw meat and bones provide living cells. Raw pet food is designed for health and nutrition.

Most commercial dog foods today are the equivalent of fast food for pets – designed more for convenience than for nutrition. All dry and canned dog & cat foods – even the premium ones that use better ingredients – suffer from the same shortcomings. Processed dog foods include grain or cereal which a pets’ digestive system are not equipped to digest. Cooking and processing food creates another major problem, it destroys many of the enzymes and vitamins. Processed pet foods use chemical additives to attempt to give back some of the lost nutrients. In addition, many nutrients are depleted or lost in long-term storage in the factory, warehouse and retail store before it even gets to your home.

One concern that people frequently have with a raw diet are bacteria and germs. A pets system is designed to eat raw food. Their digestive juices are strong enough to break bones down. As a general rule, they aren't very susceptible to e-Coli, listeria or salmonella. The dogs that are going to be susceptible are the extremely young, the very old and those that are ill. As far as germs go, if you use the same cleaning practices you do with your own food everything should be fine. The bowls are cleaned after each meal, the prep surfaces are scrubbed and the utensils are washed. Common sense and good kitchen practices will go a long way in keeping your pet healthy.

There are guidelines to use when feeding adults. 2 to 3 % of the body weight is typically what we feed our dogs & cats but, you must take into account many aspects of your pet’s life when feeding them. What amount of activity is in your pet's life? Do you show or plan to show your pet? What health condition is your pet in? We can help you figure out how much to feed your companions. Once we do, the benefits of good food are endless.


Raw Diet Done Right

Start 'Em Young

For puppies and kittens, the best way to provide a foundation for a longer and healthier life is to begin feeding them fresh raw food right from the start, so they can develop a healthy immune system early on in life.

For Older Dogs & Cats, It's Never Too Late to Start

Older dogs & cats can also show big improvements in their energy level and overall health when they switch to a fresh raw food.

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