American River Choke Free Harness by Doggie Design

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Doggie Design Spot Sport Harnesses were made specifically with small breeds in mind. This choke-free patented design pulls only from the chest, never from the neck as many smaller breeds are susceptible to having a collapsed trachea, especially when using a collar. Patented Closure Slide Adjustability- The unique design of the Doggie Design allows the clasp to slide along the nylon webbing for a full 3 inches of adjustment. This harness features a double D-ring that has been welded shut for double the protection, as well as reflective strips that can be viewed from the front and sides to provide visibility during dark walks. These harnesses also feature a zig-zag stitch over the trim to ensure there will be no missed stitches. This means the trim and the mesh fabric are fully bonded to each other. The step-in design makes this harness a breeze to take on and off your pup. The Doggie Design Sport Harness is made of soft mesh polyester material and is machine washable.