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Petology products are second to none in convenience and ease-of-use. Their shampoos feature a quick, high foaming lather that is extremely easy to rinse for faster grooming. In a comparison study Petology's ultra's concentrated, sulfate-free formulas provided the most lather and rinsed clean faster than any other high performance shampoos on the market today. Petology products are sure to leave your pooches coat with a brilliant long lasting shine and your pet stays deodorized for days... not hours. There are different formulas specificaly formulated for certain needs. These specialty formulas offer exceptional, lasting benefits to pets' skin and fur. The proprietary blends of pure botanicals and other natural ingredients help keep the coat moisturized, conditioned, and easy to comb, wether it be wet or dry. Petology has a product for your every need and will have bath time just as pleasant as it possibly can be.. for you both!