Vesper Cat Furniture

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Vesper Cat Furniture comes in 2 different colors: walnut and white. Both versions are made out of high-quality MDF, have a laminate finish, and have a scratch-resistant surface for a sturdy design. On each furniture piece the memory foam cushions are made out of soft baby plush and come in a creamy white color. The memory foam inside the cushions molds exactly to the body shape of your cat, providing your feline friend with extra comfort. The scratching mats have been made out of high-quality sisal, and both the cushions and mats have been bordered to prevent fraying. On the Vesper Furniture pieces the cushion and scratching mats are attached to the
sets with hook-and-loop tape. This makes them easy to remove for cleaning or for swapping them around. Both the cushion and the scratching mat are hand-washable! Rattan Balls come with the furniture to entertain your feline. The balls are made of rattan, which is safe for your cat to chew on. Each furniture piece includes an all-natural scratching post made out of durable, natural colored seagrass.